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Einstein garden mock up

Use Einstein's Approach:
End the Insanity of Weeding

“Insanity,” said Albert Einstein, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” He probably wasn’t talking about weeding. In fact, his lakeside Berlin garden was famously weedy (he preferred sailing). But the great man’s thought does apply. If your approach to weeds is to simply roll up your sleeves each spring and yank them out then… well, see the quote above. Because there is a better way. Focus on preventing weed seeds from growing each spring and you’ll have a weed fighting strategy from which you can expect great results.

The packet also includes a story on using forsythia as a natural backyard “weed alert” signaling when the seeds of crabgrass and other early weeds will germinate, along with tips on applying mulch with pre-emergent on top to stop garden weeds, as seeds, before they start growing.

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Unwanted Weed Posters

10 Most Unwanted Weeds Posters

To help gardeners get a grip on controlling 10 of the most frustrating, seed-producing garden weeds, Preen has created “Unwanted Weed Posters” modeled after the FBI’s classic "Most Wanted" campaigns. Each poster features mug shots, descriptions, identifying marks, and control notes. Everything needed and more to make a citizen’s arrest on those seedy characters.The packet also includes a feature story that excerpts information from the Preen Most Unwanted Weed posters outlining the seed bank strength for ten terrible garden thugs.

The posters are downloadable from in two formats, print resolution and Web resolution.

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Ready2Go Spreader

New Battery-Powered Lawn Care Spreader
Just Pick It Up, Flip the Switch & Walk

New for Spring 2014 - National Release
News Packet

The new Ready2Go Spreader™ introduces homeowners to a new era: lawn care at the flip of a switch. It's a handheld, battery-powered spreader, pre-loaded with product and pre-calibrated. The new spreader is a time saver designed for ease, speed and mobility. Perfect for small lawns, rough terrain and slopes. 39% of American lawns are smaller than ¼ acre (2011 U.S. Census Data).

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For Spring 2014, David Austin Offers
Gardeners Nearly-Instant Gratification

Press Packet 3 Stories
For Spring 2014, David Austin Roses offers U.S. and Canadian gardeners nearly-instant gratification, a rare treat for those accustomed to waiting for news-making rose introductions in England to make their way across the pond. For the first time, the award-winning Shropshire, U.K. rose hybridizer presents its full line up of new English rose varieties in North America just two seasons following their British introduction. Also, November, David Austin’s Handbook of Roses 2014, a free, full-color book with mouth-watering images of English Roses, becomes available to U.S. and Canadian gardeners

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Amaryllis Fairy Tale

Amaryllis: Guilty Pleasure

Press Packet 2 Stories, 7 Mini-briefs
With large tropical flowers that rival anything the summer garden can boast, amaryllis are grown indoors in pots to brighten the dark days of winter. Such exquisite flowers may seem daunting to grow, but the guilty secret is that amaryllis are so easy that even a child can do it successfully.
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When Crickets Cease to Chirp &
Dogs Lie in the Sun, Plant Tulip Bulbs

Press Packet 2 Stories, 12 Mini-briefs
Good things still come to those who wait. This is especially true of those who love tulips, daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs. To bloom in spring, bulbs must be planted in fall when cool soil temperatures offer the right rooting conditions. The beginning of planting season ranges from late September in cooler climes, to late December in warmer areas. So how does a gardener know when it’s time to plant?
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Petra Maison

Garden Girl: Gear for Women Who Garden

Press Packet 2 Stories
Inspiration while gardening led Swedish designer Petra Maison to create Garden Girl, a line of specialized clothing and accesories for women gardeners that’s both tough-as-nails and cute-as-a-button. The line features feminine designs in natural fabrics that wear well and wear-in to perfection, getting softer and softer over time like great jeans.

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Retooling the Shed

Re-tooling the Backyard Shed
New Small Spaces for Living Large

Press Packet 2 Stories 3 Case Studies
The definition of shed is all in the imagination of the shed owner. Today backyard sheds can be found with finished interiors fully wired for power and Internet and made with sustainable materials and production techniques. Shed fans coast-to-coast are discovering that these single-room structures work beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, storage spaces, guest rooms and much more.

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Problem Weeds of
Pacific Northwest &
Western Mountain States

Press Packet 1 Feature + 2 Backgrounders +
1 Downloadable Flier

Those who garden in the Pacific Northwest and the Western Mountain States share many of the same problem weeds. Knowing a bit about how and when different weed categories germinate and how local conditions affect this can help when combating unwanted weeds. A story plus backgrounders with germinaton notes and images for common weeds in the Pacific Northwest and the Western Mountain states. A downloadable weed prevention flier and 71 images.

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preen southern

Preen Southern & Tough Southern Weeds

Press Packet 3 Stories + 1 Downloadable Flier + 1 Backgrounder
Now southern gardeners can make short work of two important seasonal tasks in one easy step. This spring, Preen introduces new Preen Southern Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food. Also, did you know that there's a longer-lasting Preen Southern Weed Preventer formulated specifically for the longer growing seasons of southern states and there's Preen Mulch Plus, a premium, natural shredded-wood mulch with pre-emergent weed preventers already mixed in? Other elements include a new downloadable weed prevention flier for Southern gardeners and a backgrounder with germination/growth notes on tough southern weeds.

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Gorilla in the Garden

Gorilla in the Garden & Code Yellow Weed Alert

Press Packet 3 Stories
Where is the 800-pound gorilla in the garden? Anywhere he wants to be. Such is a take on the old joke but it's true with weeds as well. Without a weed prevention strategy, weeds can have the run of the garden. Also in this packet "What's the Fuss About Forsythia," exploring the phenology of this early bloomer as a "code yellow weed alert" tipping off gardeners thaat that weed seeds are ready to germinate. And veteran weed expert Dr. Richard Old offers tips on idendifying and preventing some of the most pernicious weeds in the garden.

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Help Summer Gardens

Seasonal Weeds - Editorial Nuggets

Press Packet - Six Editorial Nuggets
A collection of editorial nuggets. These are “photo+info” pieces that may come in handy for filling-in or filling-out various story angles, blurbs, blogs, or doing gardening presentations or other projects. There are six seasonal weed themes here, illustrated by 27 hi-res gardening images with embedded captions. Everything is downloadable and available for any editorial/educational use.

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Princess Anne

The Royal Horticulture Society Honors
Twenty-Eight David Austin English Roses

Press Packet 3 Stories
The Royal Horticulture Society in London has named 28 varieties of David Austin English Roses, including 22 new additions, to its list of recipients of the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM). In celebration of the RHS honors, Also David Austin Roses has selected AGM-recipient Rosa ‘Princess Anne’ as its newest “featured rose” for North America. Plus, gardeners who prefer roses grown on their own roots, not grafted, may be interested in the “Own Root Collection” of David Austin Roses.

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