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Do Not Mow As Daffodil Foliage Dies Back


  • Title:  Do Not Mow As Daffodil Foliage Dies Back
  • Description:  To naturalize daffodil bulbs, it's critical to let the foliage die back for eight or more weeks after bloom. This is when the leaves recharge the bulbs with the energy needed to produce flowers the following spring. In South Salem, New York, Lewisboro Garden Club volunteers post homemade signs that read "Do Not Mow Until June 15" to remind town maintenance crews.
  • Filename:  Golden_Roads_Project_9149.jpg
  • Copyright:  Copyright-free for editorial and educational use. All other rights, especially commercial rights reserved by George Scott
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  • Pixels:  2816x2112
  • Please Credit:  George Scott
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