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Most Fragrant English Roses - Boscobel


  • Title:  Most Fragrant English Roses - Boscobel
  • Description:  'Boscobel' is one of the most fragrant English Roses. Its myrrh fragrance has a hawthorn character with hints of elderflower, pear and almond. The beautifully formed flowers are a rich salmon color that evolves over time to a rich, deep pink. Starting as red buds, they open at first to pretty cups, gradually becoming perfectly formed rosettes with approximately 78 petals of varying shades. The upright shrub is healthy with dark green, glossy foliage. It grows to 3 ft tall by 2½ ft wide. (David Austin 2012, Auscousin).
  • Copyright:  This image is provided copyright free for editorial purposes only. All other rights reserved. David Austin Roses Ltd.
  • Filename:  David_Austin_English_Rose_Boscobel_HR14A8048.jpg
  • Pixels:  2400x3596
  • Please credit:  David Austin Roses
  • Filesize:  1.3MB
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