• Summer garden, no weeds
    Mulch and weed preventer are two invaluable tools in the war against garden weeds. Used together, they can help keep gardens weed-free all season. A layer of organic mulch deprives weed seeds of the sunlight they need to thrive. Weed preventers such as Preen stop weed seeds from rooting, including those already in the top layers of soil or mulch plus those carried in by the wind, birds or animals. Once activated by water, Preen bonds with soil particles to stop weeds from happening for up to three to four months.
  • Summer garden, well-mulched, no weeds (cropped)
    Even for those who love to garden, summer holds many attractions that can lure one away from necessary garden chores. Double that for indifferent gardeners. But a healthy, well-tended, weed-free garden is actually an easier garden to maintain. For seasonal gardening tips, see www.preen.com.
  • Landscape bed, no weeds, hostas & astilbes (cropped)
    Apply pre-emergent atop mulch to stop buried weed seeds from rooting, including those in the top layer of soil and in the mulch itself.


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